I started my art journey 15years ago. I’ve tried my hand at multiple mediums. Including ceramics, painting, printmaking and a few more. Fiber art in the form of macrame has become a chosen favorite. I have fallen in love with the process of creating. Being a creative person comes naturally. I enjoy getting lost in creativity. Art in any form is the one thing that has stayed with me throughout the years. Fast forward to three children later my creative process has definitely changed. However, making art has remained a constant

My work is process driven. I take inspiration from what ever is around me during the moment. The work you see is a reflection of my thoughts and emotions through fiber.

Mujer a Mujer is a channel I cultivated to help inspire other women to embrace their imagination and creativity. Hopefully through workshops and gatherings I can help my students gain confidence and excitement as they discover their inner artist

Designing bespoke pieces for individual clients has become a favorite of mine. Using our imaginations together to create a work of art to hang in a home or office is exhilarating! The sky is the limit, truly. If you have something special in mind please contact me and together we can get your commision underway.